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New York Health Plan Association (HPA)

New York Health Plan Association (HPA), Inc. was established for the purpose of promoting the development of managed health care plans within New York State. Currently, HPAs members include fully licensed managed care plans, prepaid health service plans (PHSPs are plans that primarily serve New Yorkers enrolled through the Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus programs) and managed long term care plans (MLTCs), which provide or arrange for and coordinate both the health care and long term care needs of their patients. HPA’s Affiliate members are organizations and companies that work with managed care plans in the delivery of services to their members. Together, HPA’s member plans provide the health care coverage for nearly seven million New Yorkers.

The HPA is dedicated to the principle that managed care plans are a vital component of both present and future health care delivery and health insurance systems in New York. To this end, the organization promotes and fosters a favorable environment for managed care development within New York State.

HPA’s member plans are committed to the health care needs of New York State, serving residents healthy and sick, and communities rural and urban. Member plans provide health care protection to the employed population, Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries, and participate in innovative programs that promote the health and well being of New York State residents.

The HPA works closely with government to achieve legislation and regulations that promote cost containment and efficient use of health care resources. In carrying out its mission, HPA provides leadership in establishing public health policy.

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