The New York Health Plan Association (HPA) was founded in 1984 to foster the development of managed care health plans in New York State.

Currently the New York Health Plan Association has eight fully licensed managed care plan members, eight PHSP members (PHSPs are prepaid health service plans that primarily serve the Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus populations), and six Associate members that are managed long term care plans, which provide or arrange for and coordinate both the health care and long term care needs of their patients. HPA’s Affiliate members are organizations and companies that work with managed care plans in the delivery of services to their members.

HPA’s member health plans are committed to the health care needs of New York State, serving residents healthy and sick, and communities rural and urban. Member plans provide health care protection to the employed population as well as government sponsored programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. HPA member plans also participate in innovative programs and research that promote the health and well being of New York State residents.